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I am a Livestock Breeder and this is what it means:

1) The animals come first. 2) The animals are fed first. 3) The animals are watered first. 4) When I am sick, the animals must receive care. 5) When I am tired, the animals must receive care. 6) A vacation for me is a livestock show. 7) I don't remember what it is like to be away from home and not worry about the animals. 8) I have become an expert at diagnosing and treating illness in my livestock. 9) Sick animals make me feel ill, I do everything I can to prevent sickness. 10) I can never stop learning because the animals never stop challenging me. 11) My goal is to better my specie that I may contribute to better animals for current and future breeders. 12) I extol the virtues and uses of my livestock, but I also acknowledge the challenges and drawbacks to anyone who asks. 13) I believe that dirt means different things to different people and I don't mind being dirty when it means I have cared for my livestock. 14) I am offended by those who are ignorant of the knowledge, care, dedication, and monetary output that it takes to be a livestock breeder. 15) I am proud to be a breeder and care for my livestock.

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